Monday, August 8, 2016

Idol god by Matasha Y. Lee

Idol god by Matasha Lee

I worshipped you and I bowed before you as you fed me my worth, oh, what little worth it was but I ate and called it gratefulness and when you didnt feed I would beat myself with nine tails until you fed me again and it didnt please you.

You became my god and it sparked your eye to praise me when you felt the need and shame me when you felt like it.

You showed you didnt care but you had no need too because I allowed you to treat me whatever way you desired too because I not only honored you but I loved you. I loved how you showed that you cared when really it was torture and never truth. You only showed yourself mighty never showing yourself weak, so in my failure I would think if only I could be like you.

But your mental strong hold is breaking in my darkness you didnt appear. I cried for you and you abandoned me but while you were away and I laid in the pit of my despair, a beautiful presences, so true came to watch over me. He healed me, stitched up the wounds you left open, wiped away every last one of my tears, gave me new air to breath, and a new view.

Over the years I became troubled because you werent there but a new day is here and I am no longer searching for my idol god, for I have no need of you. I see the God within me, standing, so bright. I know who I am and I will no longer worship you.