Thursday, April 21, 2016

This is MY LIFE by Matasha Y. Lee

This is MY LIFE by Matasha Lee

I release myself from the bandwagon of the religious status quo
That has for too long told me to suffer
And lay at the feet of man
Begging for forgiveness to cover up my sin
That allows me too be happy.
I curse my own happiness to be morally right in front of the crowd
While my heart rebels and says I will never join you
While you wear the mask of unhealthiness.
You walk on cracks and break backs because you are too afraid to stand alone.
Why are you afraid to stand alone?
When in darkness you weep for a friend
And in the light you cannot enjoy because you need someone's hand to hold you
But it was only your voice that broke through the cracks of your screams.
Pull yourself together and be proud of your life
And your smile.
How can one judge your happiness when it is you that wears the smile?
How can one condemn you when it is your joy on the line?
Pull yourself together and rise!
You deserve what it is your heart weeps for every day.
You deserve every stitch of garment that brings a sparkle to your eye.
You can't afford not to be happy.
You can't attend enough seminars to wake up to the truth
THIS IS my life.

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