Saturday, October 24, 2015

Death's Residue by Matasha Lee

Where is your sting death?
Where is it?
You were suppose to take me out,
On an assignment to defeat me,
you watched my last breathes as you examined my chest lose its motion,
but you couldn't keep me from choosing life.
You couldn't keep me from being free.
You tried and you almost succeeded.
You wanted to control me.
You wanted me to be buried beneath the stars and the sun that provide light.
You wanted my voice to be silent
where no one could hear my scream.
You tried,
but I'm still here.
hahaha, yes,
I'm still here,
stronger than ever,
braver than ever,
What are you going to do death?
What are you going to do?
Don't you get that?
Don't you know that no matter what you throw at me
I succeed, Victoriously!

I am the residue from death's collapse.
Sticky mess from what is left of me.
Shattered pieces upon the floor.
In the pits of trail I laid crying out for help
begging for life to rescue me from your daggers that pierced my side with no mercy.
You showed no mercy
so I spare no laughter
While you think I succumb to your violence,
I have risen like a Falcon,
unashamed of the residue left behind me
sticking a sword in your back
to show others what a warrior
I Am!

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