Saturday, October 24, 2015

What is it for that You bless my barren land? by Matasha Y. Lee

This land is barren, unfruitful,
cast it away!
there is something buried in the corpses that can live.
The dry bones can breathe again.
Breathe, do you not see the carcases scattered,
the flesh has left its home
and returned to dust?
You bother to waist your time
on what cannot give life into this world.
Cast it away,
we must carry on,
time is ticking.
No, I will not give up on this land.
I've seen flowers grow in dark places
Water run in dry places,
through the belly of a rock
I gave drink to the thirsty/
You see drought,
but I see potential.
I see growth.
In My wings will I cover this land
and soon it will birth life,
the people will rejoice at the miracle performed
for opening the wound of the childless.
Releasing the pain of the broken hearted one.
Sheltering the homeless from another sleepless night.
I will rescue My people,
the forgotten ones.
The ones who sowed in a barren land.

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