Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays to the Broken hearted by Matasha Lee

Happy Holidays to the Broken hearted by Matasha Y. Lee

Happy Holidays, it seems as if everyone is enjoying themselves except you.
In your despair a bed of tears is your comfort
And darkness has gathered to lay with you.
They sing peace on earth
And you weep to seek peace within your heart.
No love ones to call and no one to care.
Not a materialistic thing excites you
And the voice you once cherished,
Can now only whisper in your sleep tonight.
Your mind is weary and your troubles are by your bed side.
Let this day transform for you.
Let your mind create a new thought.
Even though it seems like being happy would be a waste of time,
Here is my message to you.
Happy holidays to your heart.
Joy is bringing you a laugh.
Memories of good times are flowing to your mind
And depression is being arrested.
No one to gather
Say a prayer and indulge in the solitude of love that feels the air.
This isn't your moment to be surrounded by laughter, this is your moment to reflect on all the good things even if it seems far fetched.
I'm not writing from a place of sympathy as I take time to gather with love ones.
There is no Christmas decorations hung in my home,
Just spreading the love that God gave me.
You will get through it.
You will pull through it.
Happy Holidays to the now healed one,
Who has made it this far.

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