Thursday, December 24, 2015

You live in my dreams by Matasha Lee

You live in my dreams by M atasha Lee

I can't talk to you anymore
Nor physically can I hold you
And you are no longer here
And my hearts yearns to have you near
But in the midst is now where you belong
In the morning dew is the only place I can witness your love.
You have to show up in the wind
Or in a beautiful song.
You spoke to me through music
And told me not to forget love.
I carry you with a sacred place
And each day I choose to let you go,
The more we connect in spirit.
When I am afraid you appear
In my dreams I see your face
And even though you are no longer here
I can still feel your warm embrace.
You let me know it will be okay
And trouble doesn't last always.
Your birthdays are now memories
Holidays are moments of silence
But in my dreams you forever live on.
I will wait for you tonight.

Your daughter 💕.                          

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