Monday, October 31, 2016

Transportation 1

Transportation pt. 1,

2009, my first restriction:

2009, felt like a better year than my previous years that I had experienced. We had moved into some really nice town homes and my little ones had their own room, particularly my son. We were still living with my mom but our living was better and safer. The first week or two of living there, I was able to know what it felt like to have my own home. It was just my little ones and I because my mom was cleaning up the other apartment and had to wait for her lease to be up. Our new place was ready so I decided to move in with what I had. I didn't care. I just wanted some peace and I received it. A lot had changed since the arrival of my little girl but the sun was finally shining like never before. My friends from college wanted me to go back to Richland and I had missed attending college up there as well. I wanted to go back and with my financial aid money & work, I would have enough to pay to go to school. Working, school, and now, knowing the feeling of being a mother of two, would soon become too stressful for me but I couldn't stop because I had to make a life for my children and I. School was 45 minutes away from home, but I didn't desire to attend anywhere else. I was five classes away from receiving my associates degree and I could finally, attend the university of my choice. It was my plan back in 2005, to attend a community college and skip taking the ACT or the SAT to attend an university, plus, my test scores from TAKS English was high enough to get me into college, so, I didn't have to take the THEA either. My intelligence was paying off, but (I think, now, I would have told my eighteen year old self, take the SAT and go on to a university, trust me, go live your life) intelligence didn't help pay a bill and it was becoming a burden on my mom to take me to college on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also needed to stay late to study, some days she would sit in the cafeteria area or car and rest just so I could finish up. I had a lot of tiring days but my grades were really good. I had high As and Bs. I was on my way to excelling and all those years I missed of not being able to attend college or finish seemed to soon pay off.

The day of finals, I was so thrilled because I was passing all of my classes and was almost done, but I would never make it to take my test or the test they held for me in order to keep my grades. My good grades would all turn into Fs as if I had never attended school at all. My mom's car wouldn't start that day and no one was available to take me. I needed to get to my finals, but I didn't have a way. It was over and with me being on financial aid, they wasn't going to understand that I didn't have a ride, they only cared about the 4 Fs I received. When I went to the school to get my transcript and other items, I had found out I had a block, and I couldn't receive it until I paid $591 to get it off. Even if I wanted to attend school again, the block remained, and I was only going to finish by starting completely over as if I never attended college at all. My family nor anyone I knew had that kind of money. I was smart enough to go to school but I definitely couldn't afford the bumps in the road that came along the way and for that reason, I would never attend Richland again. The door had closed and I wouldn't see my chance to attend school, until April of 2011, until then, I had to wait.

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