Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fear by Matasha Lee

Fear by: Matasha Lee

Fear kept me bound
Boundless to achieve more than
My hand could reach.
Even though I would be brave enough
To accept the journey of pursuing my dreams
I would disqualify myself when I got there
Caring too much about the technique
And not enough about my ability to perform.
I would say words like, "I don't even suppose to be here;
Why am I here?"
Knowing I drove forty minutes to an hour to arrive on time
With every bag packed.
I didn't need to understand
What I needed to do was show up
Because it was my chance,
My glance to see that little girl within me
Because I did not let her down,
No, her feet doesn't touch the ground
Because my efforts has cause her to soar.
But I caused the cosmic universe
To turn against me
Because my energy floated more down stream
And before I could think about swimming it was all gone from me
And I can say that it didn't hurt me
But the pain of falling can never be hidden.
Recently, I had to admit that I am ashamed
Because I held the gun
To kill my dreams,
I was the cost for the state Im in,
But now as a victorious lion ruling his jungle,
I scream to the heavens,
Make me over,
I am ready!
Silence my mouth from believing
That I too don't deserve a chance.
I am great and powerful because of the mighty,
He is in me, and I in He,
That is why I can conquer what seems
To be impossible.
Giant slayer, I AM,
And in Him,
I can do all things.
Christ came to switch places with me,
His abundance
For my rags,
Let not His death to resurrection
Be in vain!

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