Monday, July 27, 2015

is God only given to the poor? By Matasha Lee

Is God only given to the poor?

I always wondered was the poor given God,
And is that all we get.
Are we not allowed anything, but prayer?
Do the rich have to pray or is it a necessity?
Do they only have to shout when they feel like it?
Or, must they worship,
And if not will they go unpunished
With lack and poverty?
Will they be scorned for not paying tithes?
Will there lights suffer, water, car?
Will they be blamed for having babies out of wedlock
Or publically humiliated.
Will they need baptism to cleanse them from the filth of their sin
Or do their money wash it away.
Is our faith the same?
Are we awarded the same opportunities?
When I go to events, the religious ones are always there,
When I lack they are there,
Reminding me to get saved,
Come to
Is two baptisms not enough?
Why do you make the poor feel unworthy of His love?
If my bank account is empty I must be doing something wrong.
How can I tithe with not enough money to put on a card?
With not enough money to start an account with and keep it active?
Why is it the same amount of churches, liquor stores,
And loan locations in the same community,
All trying to give a quick way out,
A little moment of high,
And then you come back down
Only to realize ain't nothing changed.
You still hungry,
You still lonely,
And you still ain't worth shit,
But where is your faith?
Hmm, let me see:
I sowed into you,
But where is the opportunity,
The change,
The chance,
I guess it doesn't come from you.
God will provide for me
Like I provided you.
You will collect while my bellies rumble.
College will be rewarded to your children
Their bright future covered,
But Im still waiting on one day.
This will be my year.
But, I tried, I pushed,
I really thought this was it, but yet I failed,
I cried, now, Im back in line,
Sowing every penny I have just for a ray of hope
That it will be next year.
Yes, next year, will be my chance.
2016, here I come,
Without a change in my hand.
I'm trying,
I am, but what do you do when you knock on the door of opportunity
And it will not answer,
And yet, you are having to change who you are,
Just to receive a buck,
The face in the mirror
You no longer recognize.
Not only am I rewarded God but now, I must serve a devil too.
Blame him for all your problems and misfortunes.
The devil did it.
He isn't allowing my car to start.
The devil did it.
He won't allow that man to love me.
The devil did it.
He peaked into my future and said,
I must stop her because she is going to be someone today.
Never blame those who don't care enough to change to have policies in place to balance out the wealth in the economy.
Never blame the man responsible for not taking care of his responsibilities,
Never blame the friend for choosing to walk away.
Because I must believe that the devil did it,
That God will see me through.
He gave us all the capability to change things.
Why should He get involved?
How about taking responsibility to change the direction of the world
And quit handing the poor God with a pamphlet,
And only one color face on it.

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