Thursday, September 17, 2015

She needs me by Matasha Lee

She needs me

She fell through the cracks of abandonment
No one understood the way she expressed herself
With screaming and tantrums
From the pressure of her voice
Being restricted and violated.
She attempted,
She tried to make sense of the world
Her life made her dance within,
Spin, twirl,
Show off your smile and
Pretty dresses.
You are so pretty
Yet they deny the scars painted
Upon her skin like art
They hid her circumstances well
Her mask became conformity.
She weakened under the lack of love she received
Even pain pitied her as she would cry herself to sleep.
She felt helpless, but she always drifted into hopelessness.
She waited to grow up to see if the world would be a better place.
If pain actually goes away.
If the Monsters in her closets
Do die.
She grew up to be me,
So I take on the I
In our relationship.
I repair every piece that was broken.
I comfort every hurt she attempted to fix.
I love her for us.
She isn't forgotten.
Her dreams isn't forgotten.
Her love grows in me.
God has secured us both.

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