Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love of Basketball written by Matasha Lee

Love of basketball

Put a court up and you will see the love for connecting manifest and no it will not be all hugs and fair game, but you can best believe they will meet again the next day to share the game together. Bounce, bounce is the sound people here when they pass, rather it is the girls going by to eye the guys on the court or the girl suited and booted ready to show her talents off and prove that girls are just as good as guys, or maybe you are that parent who drives by to show your concern and love for your child, but he doesn't want you out there because it will be too embarrassing to see you cheering or screaming, but know that he appreciates you. He loves to see your car pass by. Yes, the game lives on from dust till dawn, and at night the big brother teaches his little brother or sister a few skills and in those moments he is the greatest player that ever existed. See, the love starts on the court and ends up in the schools. You don't have to have a goal before the love begins, a trash can will do, office trash can or tin can. You can have a goal in your room, on the side of the house, or your local park. The game starts with one with its invisible defense or as many players to fill the court. Two on two or the old fashion one on one will do. Friends and enemies gather together on the same court to rival each other and sometimes blood will spill from the bows of the aggressive player or hugs will be given when your team wins by one. Many dream to go the NBA and maybe make a living playing the game he or she loves. The love never dies. The ball never stops bouncing. Each player will dribble again, no matter the age.

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