Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Strange Land by Matasha Lee (poetry)

Strange Land

I peak over into where bliss is? My desire is to live there forever, but reality is, I don't.

In my mind, I do, and I can feel myself drifting away from that strange land I call home. 

I find myself in a happy daydream and life is begging for me to stay,
When I return to the other side of this manifestation of beauty, 
I find wicked stares and roadblocks with dirt roads, 
Floods of sadness and signs that tell me to turn around.

I still travel to that strange land. I am in abundance there. My wound is open to embrace new life and she flows out of me, London Gracie, we will call her.
She is symbolic to the change that life has offered me, 

But beyond the land I am barren and no man has asked for my hand in marriage, my finger does not glitter with the I dos of forever, or the drop of one knee, for me to bow and say yes.

I sit and wait like a man lost at sea, desiring for my misty heart to breathe again.
My shadow fades away and my body is followed by the dust of me that now leaves my body.

I can't hang on much longer but I do try.
I don't feel that the land is not my home for I have travelled there many times before.
I know my feet will one day feel its soil.
New roots will catch my feet and I will be planted on solid ground,
My hair will be washed in the river 
As the evening skies bathe my soul with joy,
And the sun leaves the sky while the night sings to me.

Oh, strange land of mine, I long for you.
I know soon I will get to you, and we will rest for days to come.
I will embrace your satin sheets and wooden floors,
Your backyards of comfort and family time.
I will spend many days creating new ideas with you, helping to manifest others' strange land of abundance where they will not have to feel the sting of being raped by societies egotistic ways to keep one bound to the clock that never stops ticking.

Until, I arrive, and I will, see you in my dreams!

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