Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Silent Treatment written by Matasha Lee inspired by God

Silent Treatment

Why is God silent when I am in the most turmoil? 
It is like, hey, God, I'm crying here.
I need you.
Can you help me please?
Nothing, just pure silence.
Who is going to defend my disappointment? 
I need someone.

For the past days, probably the entire week I have experienced God's silence.
I cry out to Him to speak to me, but I receive nothing.
I am like, God, which way to go?
God, am I making the right decision,
It is really sad to desperately need someone and you hear nothing.

I wondered why for so long.
My thoughts weren't simple.
I literally felt like I was doing wrong.
I couldn't understand.
I resulted to negativity. 
I should have looked at it more positive, 
But dealing with silence isn't the best fun, but

I have learned that when God is silent, 
I must do the same and be still. 
Arrest my thoughts and cover my mouth. 
Let myself get to a place of complete and utter silence.

This is what He is teaching me, Be still!
If you can't be still in the midst of chaos, you will become a part of the problem, as a matter of fact, you may contribute more to the madness than you expect.

So, you see, silence isn't a bad thing at all.
Silence is the place where you learn and everything in you stops and everything around you keeps going. 

It is like moving through 635 traffic in the morning and yet being the car that doesn't move. You literally have people blowing and screaming at you telling you, "Get off the road, you maniac," and you refuse to move. Instead of reacting, you remain firm in your decision to stay still. (Until the cops come, but that is a different story)

My point is that God's silence is a way to let me know to be still. Let your mind be free and your heart not trouble. All is well. Yes, in the mist of chaos, all is well!

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