Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When the cameras go off!

When the Cameras Go Off

When the cameras go off, we don't have to deal with the devastation or aftermath of pain that people have to endure from the chaotic uproar that has occurred in their lives. Honestly, we can move on, but they are left with picking up the pieces. They are left with the endless nights of worrying and constant fear that the storm they are facing will never end, that the cloud of despair will continue to follow them and peace they will not be able to find.

I get it. I understand. Many of us have to endure without camera time, without empathy or sympathetic stares, so, I understand what it feels like to cry alone, to desire someone so badly to hug you and let you know that it will be alright, that joy cometh in the morning. 

No matter how long it seems the pain will not end, understand and get in agreement that it will. Cherish those happy moments you had before. You deserve it, but create new ones. I get it, and Lord knows I want to cry when I read this, sometimes you can remain in pain for sooo long it seems as if that has become your norm, but there is something within you tugging at you, letting you know, there is an extraordinary life on the other side of your pain. You feel it. You begin to daydream out of nowhere and that smile comes across your face and you are reminded that is where I belong. It is like a heavenly bliss and you can see it so crystal clear. It isn't just a vision, it is your life. Yes, your life, is waiting on you to step into an agreement with it and go get it. It is calling, begging for you to open up your eyes and witness its truth. It longs for you day to day.

Yes, tragedy struck, heartache, endless heartache is in your life right now, I get it, take your time, and cry. Don't rush the process of healing, but do not stay there for too long, you have a beautiful life ahead of you. Let's break out of the mold together. 

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