Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding my way through Love by Matasha Lee

We need love like the echo of our last breath
longing for the touch of a heart that ease the weeping
and carry the burden so the load will not be as heavy.
Must one watch the suffering one
and walk by without a look to caress the weariness
that one's heart has gained.
Must we lose our compassion
in a mad world that refuses to acknowledge
that we are all one.
Oh, Lord, ease my mind and heart
that compassion eases each wound within
that I learn to be silent
when I can use my war of words
to destroy.
Father God,
I know you desire us to seek forgiveness like
we use our breath to breathe,
to shower our fellow brothers and sisters with grace.
I know I am not always capable to shut the storm
that rages in my mind
from the dishonesty that I have collected
like dust
and sometimes I can use that
collateral damage
to hurt another
but God, full of merciful love
you do not turn your back on me
and I must choose to do the same
if I dare to witness your glory in my life.
Let me not be ashamed of
leaving my troubles in your hand
even if the words of another
feel like whips to my back.
I have to understand you are my provider
and you will meet every last one of my needs
because of Your love you do not deny me.
You teach me your ways and humble me to learn,
so when one seeks love they will look to me
and through my kindness
I can show  them the way to you.

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