Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shallow Water by Matasha Lee

Shallow Water by Matasha Lee

Okay, I can do this, let's go!
I'm ready.
I know everything will work out.

Okay, focus, you still got this,
They said you will get rejected,
Dang, that did knock me out a little bit,

But, I can get back up again.
I got this

Wait, okay, maybe I should take another route.
Yeah, I will go this way,
Wow, there are more doors shut here!

God, am I doing the right thing?
Congrats, oh, you got signed today?
Wow, you made $5000 in one day?
I don't think I should focus on my dreams.
I need a job!

Okay, Father forgive me,
I had a weak moment
It won't happen again,

Shit, it happen again,
Bills pilling up,
Kids in need,
They hungry,
Should I keep going?
Oh, you got a new job today,
Wow, is that your new car!
You doing good.

I can't take it anymore
It seems like everyone is making it but me.

You were standing at the shore
When you gave up!
One more step you would have arrived.
You got bent out about what you saw and forgot why you started the journey
In the first place.
You just,
3 feet
When you survived the high waves
Long, sleepless nights,
Nothing put in your path way destroyed you,
But as soon as the storm calmed
You threw up your hands,
And drowned in shallow water.

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