Thursday, September 17, 2015

My thoughts (no title)

I do not have to go into the past
To represent the story I desire to tell,
No, the story unfolds before me
And I can't seem to bare the sight
With eyes filled with the sea's complaint.
I ask myself how can I sit and not do a thing?
Was it for me to witness history repeat itself
So, I too can be proven that I can't do anything to stop it.
How can you watch a child wash upon the shore
And a dad go insane to watch his child slip away
Just to escape the madness of what was once considered home
And not show compassion,
But as they face their war
We face our repeat and I feel like I'm in a room spinning.
When the civil rights movement began to boom
And men and women fought for their rights,
Did they have to witness other's tear down their truth
To represent another truth like today!
We know that all lives matter but yet when you turn on the tv,
Enter into a comment section you easily remember that is a lie,
So in defense someone decided to point out that wait let's highlight the lives that need protection like black lives,
But watch the anger that sits and wait for someone to be proud
And remind them they aren't anything and to remember that,
But this isn't an easy crowd to silence
So they overshadow their truth
With another truth that isn't the same war,
So nothing changes
We just have layers and layers of pain,
Nothing being resolved while the screams of justice is weakened
And people rather stand for fifteen minutes of fame
Then to actually heal one another.
But foolery gets more ratings so let the cameras keep rolling!
Ignorance joins the table to eat
While history continues to repeat.

By: Matasha Lee 

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