Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Emerging Souls by Matasha Y. Lee

Emerging Souls by Matasha Y. Lee

In the wake of the phone ringing and hearts dropping
We listened in on the receiving in of learning that our father didn't make it.
Our hearts erupted with sadness as our minds turned back the hands of time as a fetal position my body was placed.
The screams were tormenting that was released from my lungs.
My voice shattered into pieces
And I wasn't an adult anymore, for a child I became.
I held his picture all night because it was too painful to let go.
I couldn't ease the hurt.
I couldn't wash away the pain.
Only God came to rest with me
While my head I would lay.

But after a while I got back up again
My eyes started to see light.
I held back the words I spoke
And tried to bring some delight
To the chaos I had to experience
And knowing that he will never come back again.
Frequent dream visits is where we meet.
Intuitive smells bring him back to life.

As I prepared my heart to agree with laying my father down in peace
Because even though he has a grave site I still chose to hold on,
Tragedy struck again,
Oh, not again,
No, not again.
I just cried from opening the wound of my father
And accepting what I couldn't change
And now, my mother.
The wound that was opened up to produce me
Now sealed by the hands of a truck.
Like a rag doll with no life tossed to your death.
Dead on arrival,
Your body taken away from us.
We heard your voice before the violin began,
But it was silenced as two sheriffs approached my door.
I knew in my heart, it was you, after a comment on fb
Revealed your car, that plastic came from my house.
It was your brilliant idea to keep you warm from the broken window
That let in too much air.
They asked me if I knew you
But I knew the knock
They didn't have to tell me
It was you
But I became a child again
Wanting my mom.
The rollercoaster ride looked too familiar
My permission wasn't granted for me to get on.
The screams, anger, and pain all came to sit at my feet
While I wanted to cry myself to sleep.
She was gone.
Snatched away from us.
Text messages and phone calls sent the alarming waves across the town that it was you that the news reported on.
It was you in the fatal crash with only your body as a shield.
So, here I am 3 days later adding you to my scorned heart and I am tired. Sickness is apart of my daily routine.
We have to wait again to see your body.
My brother, this time, doesn't have to be strong alone.

Now, both of my parents are in spiritual form
Rid of their earthly clothes
Peeled back from their deformed bodies
As they take on the energy of the earth.
They are powerful enough
To speak through the wind and the trees,
To be as bright as the sun
To emerge with love
That fills my soul
And strategically mends every wound
Their families bare.
Our souls conjoin as twins.
I am now spiritually superhuman because they live inside of me.
I have my mom and dad back again
After the earth ripped them apart.
A duo that only God could have brought together
To Emerge with my Soul.

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