Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Touch of the Skin by Matasha Y. Lee

Touch of the skin

I never knew that the skin could be such a delicate source to
Store within the memory bank of the heart for further moments of comfort when one's physical presence is no longer available.

I never knew till I lost you and all I wanted to do was touch you. Feel your face. Let you become back real to me, to awaken the kid in me that sees joy floating like balloons in your eyes. The red is for choosing and in that moment I desire to float to you. I feel that balloon will carry me to where you are, to touch your face, one more time,

and it will not feel lifeless and cold to me. You will be awakened in my sensors again and I will feel my hand rising as my tears fall and my weary heart is replaced with the red balloon as I am sent back home.

Written by: Matasha Lee

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