Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pen, Paper and Tears pt. 2 by Matasha Y. Lee

Pen, paper, and tears pt. 2

Wounds can make you put your pen down,
So afraid to let the black ink meet paper again
Not wanting to interrupt the silence that has risen out of a thousand screams.
Because the silence is comforting for a while
For whatever the reason the thunder isn't rolling anymore,
It feels nice to hear the other sounds of the earth for whatever time
We have to feel that feeling
Without having to rest against the waves of life crashing,
Now having to seek peace within our dreams
Because silence now speaks with a mighty roar.

The  storm eventually passes and the pain begins to stop
And the birds begin to chirp as the sun comes out to play.
Life has opened up that beautiful window of hope
And it seems that this time life will flood me with grand opportunities and chances for love.

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