Sunday, March 6, 2016

Raw Beauty by Matasha Y. Lee

Raw beauty

Authentically seen with flaws
Painted on as a remembrance of the
Journey being embraced.
Each tear forming into the river
That leads you.
You are not like any other.
You can't see yourself at times,
But here you are,
Unapologetically, happy
Embracing each piece of joy given to you.
Telling happiness,
I belong here
Telling pain to rest in the bosom
Of your peace,
Undeniably, embracing each flaw
As if it was the treasure map that guides wise men.
You are the soil of the earth that brings forth fruit into this world.
You are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, important,
This world wouldn't exist without you and it isn't going to exist without you
For it will shape a different way if your soul left the physical realm of its time.
They will notice the emptiness of your presence no longer available.
You can't reason with doubt,
You must destroy it
Like the warrior you are
And embrace the time spent in the dark
For you have shed light
In the wound of the forgotten
But you aren't forgotten.
You are a hidden gem
For a time that will manifest
And your glory will rise out of you
Like the Phoenix taking new form.

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