Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Intimidation Room by Matasha Y. Lee

Intimidation room by Matasha Y. Lee

Can you stand to be blessed?
Yes, can you stand when everything around you is falling apart
And it is hard to see your vision that you declared over your life.
Will you become small when you enter a room of people who have had a greater experience than you?
Can you walk into a room with billionaires and not shy away?
Are you afraid?
We ask to be bless but are we ready?
Truly ready to handle what is to come.
Can you stand to be blessed alone?
Yes, can you stand to be the only one in the room with wealth
Or do you desire everyone to be happy?
How can you sit in dark rooms crying your eyes out with no comfort for those you are expecting to be there but the minute a wealth opportunity arises you need everyone on board?
Can you stand it?
What is it?
To loose it all and yet still be able to face tomorrow without losing yourself.
Oh, can you stand the negative comments that will be made because some will think that you think you are all that?
Can you stand to be the most hated person alive?
Oh, will you be able to take it when your life is now in front of a crowd and they are chanting destroy her?
You want to be bless,
But are you able to withstand
The Intimidation room,
Or are you ready to leave now?

By Matasha Y. Lee

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