Monday, July 27, 2015

Do you see what I see? By Matasha Lee

Do you see what I see? Pt. 1

Damn, the ignorance,
Can they not see
That police brutality has risen,
Too high of a mountain to climb,
But when I turn on the news
The media spills out lies
Blame it on the community,
The lack of fathers,
It was good they were killed
At least we got another thug off the street.

Let me bring you down,
Where is the shrinking Ray
Because obviously
You don't understand how things work below,
Take a walk with me,
I'll let you know.
This is the corner where they slang drugs,
He is an entrepreneur that has given up
On doing the right thing,
He sells fake rock or the real,
He is only 16,
But he has a family to feed,
See, he's a man, now,
He has to carry the weight
Because his daddy is gone,
Left them all alone,
Or, No longer the beatings
His momma could take.
So, I got us today,
Deep in the night,
He creeps hoping to sell one rock to get something to eat,
I promised my little sister some candy,
Boy, will she be proud of me,
He only wants to make enough money to get out of the game
Before he winds up six deep.

She just moved into town,
No one she knows,
Insecure girl with a frown,
But she just turned legal,
Who do I hang with now,
What type of crowd
Do I dodge,
Hey cutie,
Ooo, that guy thinks I'm cute,
Wow, look at how they look at me,
The guys back home
Thought I was filth
They would run away from me,
Call me names,
In my hometown
I was bullied,
But it seems things have changed here
So many guys like me.
She finds her friends
Who send her into the world of fast life and secrets.
She hangs with her and some more guys,
Doing what teens do,
They not over 21,
Naw, girl,
Okay, good.
She sits with a shy face
As she watches all these guys stare at her flesh.
She finally finds someone she would like to meet,
They exchange smiles and names,
Until jealousy comes in and calls her name,
Psss, come here,
She looks away,
Psss. Come here,
Not today, she finally caves in,
Only to be dragged by screams,
Pulled into a room,
Where he tries to take off her clothes,
She calls her friends name but no one hears her so,
She screams again,
Someone make it stop,
Please don't go within,
Finally, the door opens,
She runs away,
She was almost raped today,
Her friend tells her to keep it down,
You don't want us to get in trouble,
Silence your pain,
Bury it six feet deep,
Till it goes away.

Oh mother,
Oh brother,
What do I do,
There is levels in poor ness
And I'm trying to reach the top you see
But I don't want to be a fraud
Cashing illegal checks
So I can have the latest
Rockin with the best,
A weekend of fun,
Until Monday come
And there is a warrant out for my arrest,
Or let's go in the store,
You watch out,
Why I hit the floor,
Make sure you grab that shirt right there,
Oh, boy, will say, I'm the fliest,
They walk out the store,
All brave,
Till the cops have stopped their tracks
Hope it isn't 50 over.
Oh mother
Oh brother
Or, should I sell my soul,
Wait, how much it's worth.
This guy promised me,
I will be his number one girl,
But I have to sell my body in exchange,
Hell naw, no way,
No, wait, how much did he say?

Momma, don't work yourself to a bone,
Brother, don't kill yourself, so,
Sister, sister, child support will let him know,
Daddy, daddy, I need you so,
The lights are out,
No tv, no hope.
The water is off,
Over a family member's house
I go.
I just want to run and hide from the pain I see,
Make it out, somehow,
Do you see what I see?

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