Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mad World By Matasha Lee

Mad World by: Matasha Lee

Conversations under the bridge to get away from the scorcher
Of the sun
That has awakened to kill and destroy those who cannot hide from its light
The one who goes blind by the sight of its shine
He awakes afraid of the sun
As he scavenges to feed his today
And that mother that must walk miles just to feed her children
Is praying to her invisible God that He will cover her
So the sunlight will not burn her so,
As the others hopes he or she will reach water soon
For that light drains all the energy out his or her body
Leaving only a heat stroke or fainting spells in its path.

On the other side of town
The one dressed in black and white
That reached the day before the sun came to shine
That may have walked early enough to not feel it's sting
And watch the wimps form from the scratching of the skin,
Opens blinds
Because it's employer
Likes for the natural light to shine into the room
Over here
The sun is a necessity
They paid
For their house to sit on the hill
So the sun can shine through
They can know
It is morning time
The sun gives out
Just enough light
The person in the black and white
Opens the blinds
Just right
So it beams on their skin
But doesn't damage the eye
It is a sun kissed glow
And the bodies within the bed
Arise with an ahhh,
Claiming it to be
Such a refreshing day

And within that moment
Both the rich and the poor meet
The poor sniffs the purified air
From its blistered hand
Of cleaning all night long
And tries to take in the positivity of awaking to a new day.
The sun is kinder to him or her
At this moment
When it appears
The landscapes
Of crisp blue skies
Pastures of green grass
Trees that stand tall
Flowers swaying in the wind
Water flowing freely upon the river banks,
All seem to smile
When the sun appears.
Tears form in the eyes
Of the employed
One day
The sun would be as kind
To them.
That they too will one day
Wake up
Without having to force a smile
And the morning dew is a blessing
And not just a reminder of
It is just another day.

Until then
Because all stories are continually unfolding
We must witness
A mad world.

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