Sunday, July 5, 2015

Grown Men Do Cry by: Matasha Lee

Grown Men do cry by Matasha Lee

He looked out at his life and he didn't like the vision

He was afraid of the sight.

He saw chaos made by his own hands

And realized he was the monster that prevented himself from enjoying the best of life,

He cried.

His tears distracted him from ever feeling his feet move to that destined place.

Life came to carry him,

But his pride got in the way.

I am a man.

You can't carry me.

You can't lift me up out of this dark place.

You can't tell me everything will be okay.

When I fall I must pick myself up,

You can't give me a helping hand.

Tragedy beat his eyes,

And scars weighed his back like shattered wounds of glass from the reflection of hope he once could see.

Life beat him down,

And he lost his faith

(But truth is, it was planted in the ground)

He discovered days of loneliness that almost made him lose his mind,

But life swept back through again,

And lifted him off the ground,

Like a child kicking and screaming,

He defended his right to do it himself.

But, this time life no longer listened to his whine,

Life placed him at the hands of mercy

And he weeped like a woman travailing.

I, I have no words to say,

I never thought I would see the throne of grace.

Why would you allow me into your presences?

Have you not seen what I have done?

The pain that I have caused.

The tears that I have pushed out of my fellow man.

My hands caused pain,

Why do you touch them so?

My grace is sufficient enough to cover your multitude of sin.

You haven't done so much wrong that I will not love you,

But I thought heaven wasn't meant for a man like me.

I prepared my bed for hell,

In the fiery flames I must lay.

There isn't such a place,

But in your mind did you strike so,

For since you believed in hell,

You created hell for everyone else,

But what good is it for me to give you hell when you die if that is all you have ever experienced.

I will give you heaven on earth.

Help you see the beauty of me.

Go and find your faith that's buried in your pain,

Feel sorry for yourself no more,

For I have provided you with just enough faith to help you see your way out of this dark place, but first, you have to move, you have to confront what you are afraid the most.

When you are ready,

The mirror awaits.

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