Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Beauty of my Soul by: Matasha Lee/Beauty Lee

The Beauty of my Soul:


Have you hit something yet?

No, you need to go deeper.

How deep, we are barely seeing daylight,

It is so dark down here.

You have to go deeper.

Beep, beep,

Right there, stop, right there,

They have hit the mark,

I have never desired to reveal these truths,

Ugly truths,

I'm afraid,

Not just afraid

But look around,

Look at the laughs I've missed,

My dreams,

That one,

That one was suppose to be one of the best days of my life,

But I backed out,

Convinced myself to walk away,

I am ashamed,

But since you have dug so far to reach me,

Spent years discovering me,

My masks I can no longer hide.

I have not seen myself in a wedding dress,

Nor have I tried one on,

When I do,

The vision is blurry,

It is so lonely in my heart,

People come to chat,

But they leave,

And my little cottage is empty with memories.

I keep all photos packed away in my heart.

Boxes still fill my home after years.

I'm saddened by the sight,

But I know I'm not at home,

I'm traveling through,


I wish I wasn't so invisible,

I wish you could see all of me,

But treasure must be found,

Not revealed by scavengers

Looking for a days worth of meal.

For, your reward for discovery the deepest, darkest parts of me,

Is nothing,


You do something with it,

Until then,


We will see,

Shall we.

Is there more,


But are you ready to go where the light refuses to shine,

Where beauty is not seen by the eye,

But stained by the ridicule of past mistakes,

Can you handle that part of me?


Isn't she amazing,

I've never seen anything like it

What will you do with her?

I'm going to bring her story to life.

Okay, gather it all up,

Let's go back up,

Beep, beep!

No more masks!

By: Beauty Lee

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