Thursday, July 16, 2015

Seasons by Matasha Lee pt. 1

Even the seasons
Are nicer to those
Who have
Those who have not!

In the winter
Days consisting of snowboarding
And snow mans
Christmas plans
And Holiday recitals
Smells of baked cookies
And roasted ham
Turkeys within the oven
Lights upon each house
Schools are closed because of the snow storm
Children go out
In their winter
Attire to play

In the winter
Stress is high
Let my faith be strong
Because I can't pay the lights
And that is another night within the cold
But let me be grateful
That we can gather together
On the floor
Or mattresses
With our un matching sheets
And spreads.
There aren't any lights
I hope my neighbor will be so kind
To let me warm up some food
Or that I will receive a ride to the store
So, we can order off the dollar menu
The younger ones can share.
In the morning,
The little ones cry,
I want to play in the snow
The mother sends her kids out with socks upon their hands,
And blind eyes turned from the holes in the coats
Christmas season strips pride
And humility must sat in
To stand in the long lines
Your kid can receive a Christmas surprise.
It may not be what he or she desires
But that is when you must believe in Santa
The most
Because you are the target this year
People are in the giving cheer
It is the time
When they give
And it makes them feel
You know you will eat
Some type of meal
Because the Christians
Can't wait to deliver you from your sin,
Winter is here again,
And poverty,
I cannot hide.

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