Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poetry: I want to start a war

This poem reflects my feelings regarding the police violence and the riots. I am so tired of seeing the same thing over again. I really try to spot the good in it all with tears running down my face. I can't help but to feel that I've grown up with these young people who are slain because their neighborhoods look familiar to mine and I can understand the frustration when all hell breaks loose. It seems as if people walk blind to your environment until it is up in flames and the very people that the violence has erupted with was on their last straw. I really try to look at both sides but it is hard to be empathetic when the cops seem to be enjoying it. I will never understand anyone who enjoys killing another human being, or see their family suffering from the lost of their love one. I just don't understand. I want too. I will love to sit down with a cop and he or she just helps me understand why the good cops want protect the citizens that they have sworn to protect and serve. We all have a right to due justice, and a right to life that shouldn't be taken away from someone who desires to take matters into their own hands. God has given me a platform to use, and that is through creativity that I can express my feelings and maybe it will touch someone else. My words aren't meant to spread hate. My words are meant to spark up a conversation because things are getting out of control. Maybe the media doesn't desire to air the good cops, I've seen some and know some, but it isn't just right to be a good cop where no one sees you, in these days and times they need to record it. They need to come out and denounce the use of deadly force and brutality. How powerful would it be for a cop to take a stand with the people and not against the people? Are our cameras capturing the violence and not the opportunity to touch one of those who are angry? I really want to understand, but I have been trying to get it since Trayvon Martin and I haven't gotten it since.

I want to start a war by Matasha Lee

I want to start a war.

I want to be angry at the injustice I see,

No more, yes sir, no sir,

 I will not wear my cotton picking overalls,

And humble myself and pray.

I will throw bricks at you and charge at you.

I will destroy you like you do me,

For what is my love to you anyway,

But if I raise my hand to you in anger,

Bust a camp in your ass like you are so willing to do mine,

Who am I?

I am know better than you,

And I take the pain and walk away,

Until I turn my back and you stab it again.

I turn on the news and it is another one laid out in the street.

Fuck calling the ambulance, let them bleed, don’t cover them up,

Let the world see,

This could happen to you, if you fuck with me.

I am the big bad police.

So, yeah, fuck it,

I want to start a war.

You will call me an animal anyhow,

So black face, hoodie cap, and black gloves,

Here we go,

Murder, murder

Kill, kill,

Now, I feel good that it was you and not me,

But sad case is the pain still will not heal,

And I just turned on the news and it happen again,

I can’t keep starting a war,

Wearing the same mask as you.

My reflection can’t keep reflecting you.

Damn it, it has to be another way.

I will use my hands and my mind to change things.

I will use my voice to speak up.

I will humble myself enough to say, you win, now, what do you want?

How can we better serve you?

Is there anything we can do?

Do you desire to see us, or will you rather see us slang?

Do you even desire to know my name?

Matasha Lee is my birth name.

I am twenty-seven years old.

You barely see me, but I hug some of you, when I see you pass and go,

Because you taught me about violence and staying away from drugs when I was in DARE,

You didn’t teach me to fear you, you taught me to care,

Not just about myself but another,

What happen to you?

Where are you, now?

When the world is viewing you as the ones to hate!

We scream fuck the police and you stand their shield,

What happen to you being able to come to us, and speak?

Have you forgotten we are those same children that sat in that room and listen to you say,

Don’t do drugs,

Do you remember when you protected me even when I was wrong?

Chastised me so you will never see me behind bars, and looked,

It worked, you never saw me again.

I don’t want to start a war that is my anger inside that just desire for it all to end.

I want to write a story about the cop who went to his fellow man and said, how can we change things?

I am here for you and by your side,

Let me be your guide.

Let’s clean up our streets and do better today, so the world can see that we can change.

Our war will end when love begins and we both put our weapons of unforgiveness down.

I’ll go first.


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