Monday, April 20, 2015

The Road to Healing

Healing and Forgiveness goes a long way and is very important to me. I have had to overcome so much stuff in my life and the road to just being sane hasn't been easy, but the good news is that things are turning around and it is enabling me to be in a position to help and inspire others. I do not desire to tell my story to receive empathy nor sympathy but to help people to understand and know that they can get through it, no matter what it is, and if I am writing this to you to inform you of that, then I am letting it be known that I have walked a mile in my own shoes and succeeded. To me, it is wrong for me to not tell my story of overcoming and making it through. I don't wish to rehearse my pain, but to release my heart and The Beauty of my story.

I will continue on the beautiful road of healing and forgiveness for my topics this week, share poetry, and a beautiful story of a woman who overcame death because she wanted to see her mom: "I Am Not Dead: Ms. Carolyn's Story."

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