Sunday, April 5, 2015

There is someone that I love that I don't speak about that often. I really didn't grow up knowing him. He was often spoke about because I grew up baptist and became a Christian. I thought due to my religion that I would have a connection with him, but after two baptisms and attending many churches I still was more disconnected from Him, than ever.

I read his story once before, and yeah, I was told of it often, but it wasn't till I read it in the bible that I understood that he was just like me. He was misunderstood like David in his cry in Psalms 22. I know that scripture vividly. I use to read it all the time and just weep. I felt just like him, how he wanted to just perish but still desired to endure till the end. Jesus had one of the same experiences, experiencing agony to go to the cross for the sins of us all. I followed his journey through the bible, and often found him alone, even his closes friends did not understand him at times. He was a loner, and what some would consider an outcast. I often wondered, how is this outcast so glorified today, would they have given him the same treatment today, and I look out into the world not far from my own story, and say no. There is no way the christians of today would remotely understand the Jesus, Yeshua, that really existed in the bible. You look out into the world today and you still see outcasts misunderstood, shoned away for their beliefs, and their desire to view the world, to roam free, and be of oneself, to understand one's journey. Christ knew his journey and he didn't deviate from it. He stayed the path he was destined to be on regardless of the issues he had to face along the way. He had great power of endurance that showed the power he possessed within him. He wasn't ashamed of who he associated with or let touch him. They called him an holy man when he needed to obey, but denied his holiness when he cured the sick or raised the dead. They didn't care to see how magnificent he really is.

Like him, I find myself, often, alone, talking to God, probably not just like him, but nevertheless, I still did. I go to Him like the father, parent, He is.I know I am comforted and renewed when I'm in His presences, no matter how long I stay, and intuitive enough to know when He is speaking to me, or desiring to lead me on a new path, no matter how often I fight it. He genuinely encourages me to keep going no matter what.

I believe my journey with Christ began in 2008, 2009. I believe, now, his love was always there, but I didn't understand it. Now, I do not believe Christ is the Father, but I do believe we are one in the same, which is God. We're all God, but I know my experience with Christ happened before my experience with God. I remember the day I got saved. It was like everything people said

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