Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Road to Forgiveness, Literally

It was the day, yes, the day that I was going on one of my modeling interviews. I was so thrilled, and everything lined up to the point that I really thought I had it in the bag. I had the perfect outfit and my hair was done. God really blessed me to get prepared for my big day. My aunt had come to get me and we went to my little cousin's basketball game. We cheered him on and my older cousin stood in excitement to see her son play, and she was going to be the one to take me to the train station so I could attend my interview.

When we left the basketball game, my cousin had took me to a new train station that was beginning to be built after I left Dallas. I was kind of lost when I got there. It had been years since I rode the train and I didn't know what I was doing anymore. I had asked some people so I could be on point, and I waited for the red line (I believe) to take me to the west end station so, I could get another train to take me to where my interview was located. I'm used to going to the West End station but still it was different because things change and stores that were there then wasn't there when I went. I examined everything around.

I took in my day and as I road the train I stared out the window and thought about what my modeling interview was going to be like, and my future. I spoke to whomever was willing to speak to me, and I was off to my dream, ready to embrace what was about to happen.

I went to my modeling interview, and waited to see what my result would be. Now, I honestly do not remember which modeling interview that I went to that started my journey because I am picturing two different occasions of me going to my interview, but nevertheless, I know the outcome for modeling was a callback, but never succeeded in being signed. Modeling is kind of like my writing journey, didn't really know which way to go.

On my way back from the interview, a young man was on the train, and he was selling hair products, the products didn't look right to me, but I didn't really focus on that but the individual himself. I often pay attention to everything about a person who speaks to me because I never know if I will need it to help them, or to just be aware. He saw me and wanted to talk to me, but I wasn't interested. He wasn't my type but I am not mean-spirited so I will let people talk to me if they have something on their heart. He wanted to talk and tell me about his life. He told me he had a lot of hate in his heart. People had done so much to him, and he didn't see God in the midst of his pain. I knew my journey back home had just changed from getting to that new transit center to meet my cousin, but now, I was about to be a spiritual advisor into someone's life. I had recently went to some people in my life and ask for forgiveness, and to forgive them. So, I thought that my willingness to overcome qualified me to speak with him, and it was meant. He got on the train without a train pass or bus ticket. He was illegally riding with what appeared to be illegal goods. He was drawn to me, and wanted to just talk. I listened. I told him that I would give him my pass, you just have to make it until we get to where I am going. He didn't know and didn't have much confidence, but I told him to trust me. He did. We had to stop at one train station and the cops had got on to check everyone's ticket. He became so afraid because where we were sitting, there was absolutely no way for him to run. I said don't worry, let me speak. I got this. The officer came back to the back where he and I were located and ask for our passes I showed him mind, and told him that this young man doesn't have a pass, but I am on my way home. I am from Terrell, and I am not going to be here anymore. It is a full days pass that I can give to him. The officer asked the young man was the story true and he said yes, he looked at me and then told the other officer that was approaching with a hand signal to keep moving forward. The guy was so relieved and even more willing to converse with me, but more importantly, listen. God had given me the ability to show forth grace and mercy into this stranger's heart.

We travelled for a while, not running into anymore police, and talked so much that I missed my stop, the first time, so we had to turn around and do it all over again. The train eventually comes to an end, but God wasn't done with this young man's heart and it was some words in me that needed to sit in him. He didn't care to live, nor did he have a vision to succeed. His main focus was to survive the night. He had stories of the hate he had for his mom and brother. He had so much pain. I believe I was mentioning that God is there for you, and he was wondering where. I went back to the moment he saw me on the train. He had just stolen products from a store to make some money, really good hair products, and selling it for about half of what the original price cost. He got away with it, covered from guilty sinned that could have gotten him locked up, or at least fined and told not to enter the store again, but he didn't, so then, he gets on the train without a pass, and the cops could have thrown him off and fined him, but he didn't. Grace covered him, again. I pointed out over and over again how God was right there showing up. He had him at that very moment speaking with me, to let it go. He had him on a path of surrendering and forgiveness. I happened to be travelling through. God only knows what would have happened had we not crossed paths, but I had to leave him, but now, he had a conscious choice, what he did with it, I don't know, but the conversation between me and him gave me an opportunity to speak with my aunt, her brother and law, and sister on our way back about the incredible opportunity I received on the Road to Forgiveness. It started out as modeling interview and ended up being an opportunity to shine God's grace through me.

God is real. We must open our eyes of our heart to witness His glory because we very well may miss it, while we are complaining about what we can't change. We can't change what someone else done to us. How our parents didn't love us like they should have. We can't hurt them back because we felt hurt. What we can do is accept the abundance of Grace that is renewed by God's mercy each and every day. We are connected to the most compassionate Being we could ever meet in our lives, and we have access to that compassion everyday while we live on this earth and beyond. In scripture, it says, "Love covers a multitude of sins." Love covered that young man sins in order for him to have an opportunity to hear that God loves you. God stopped time to bring someone into his path to tell him, you are forgiven and loved by God. How much more can one ask for?

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