Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Heart Of The Matter

It is time to get to the "Heart of the Matter." One of London's major issues in the book: The Bride was about forgiveness. She didn't conquer unforgiveness, so, it conquered her, and she almost lost everything because of it: family, friends, but most importantly, her sanity. She could have lost herself in the wake of her unforgiveness, but she pushed through and found a way to overcome and she got down to the heart of the matter just like India speaks of in this powerful song. It is about forgiveness, "Even if you don't love me, anymore." I desire to speak on the topic of forgiveness and share some things from different websites to help, not only myself, but others that may be struggling with the idea of forgiving someone or themselves.

There are health benefits connected to forgiving someone, but there are also health risk connected to unforgiveness. I will like to explore both.

I have dealt with unforgiveness on many levels and it feels good to finally be able to let go and heal. I think sometimes the biggest road block on the road to healing from someone hurting you, or you hurting yourself is learning to forgive you. It took me a long time to see that even though I was asking for forgiveness from everyone else, the most important person I needed to forgive was me.

I never thought forgiving would be a process, but it is. Sometimes, it can be so rooted that you don't even know you are operating in unforgiveness. Hopefully, through some of the things I post on my blog from different websites, it will help shine a light on what it is we need to do to be able to forgive and learn how to love again.

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