Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Plea

I was angry when I wrote this. I write in a overall matter, not pointing fingers at one particular thing, but I just kept reading yesterday comments and what was going on with the Baltimore Riots and I just said What do you want? I mean really shouldn't we be able to know the answer to that, to find out what these cops really desire so the deadly use of force can stop, and we can stop turning on the news seeing someone else gunned down. Is it so much fear inside of us that all we know is violence? I know that this isn't going on everywhere. There is love and unity coming together to help those in Nepal and people are praying but wow, the tragedies that are occurring you can't help but want to cry and pray. It is so hard for me to look away. I can't even see a piece of trash on the ground and not feel to pick it up. I be feeling obligated just like now to say something.
The Plea: What do you want? By Matasha Lee

Okay, we get it. We hear you. We hear you loud and clear. You want blood, you want people’s mamas crying in the street for their children, you want corruption, you want blacks to act the like buffoons that they are, you want to beat someone to a bloody pulp, you want to chase men down with guns and shoot them until they are dead, you want the dead man’s story to never be told. You want their characters to be destroyed. We get it. We get it, already!

So, what will make you stop all this? What will make you say enough is enough? What will help you to stand with us not against us? What will get you to join hands with us and say that today, We stand as Americans, United, not across from one another guarded with walls so high that not even love is passing through. Must we continue to hurt one another must we continue to shed blood? I want to understand you, I really do, but you aren’t speaking to us, you are beating us, stereotyping us, racially profiling us, you know not every black man, woman, person fits into your categories, but yet you continue to proceed on, and then the crowd comes, which I will get to later, that doesn’t care if you live or die, or go back to your families at night, they are there to play both sides of the fences, once the news ends they are on to something new. They will celebrate when they choose too, and the families will continue to go on mourning. I know a lot of you are church goers, what will it take for you to bow your head in prayer? Are you so rooted in your training that you can’t cry out, “Father, I stretch my hands to thee, no other help I know?” I know you aren’t. I know you are way more capable of submitting yourself as a humble human being with the ability to show love for your brother and sister, or do you feel we should not receive that much? Do you feel that we are already in hell, no need to pray for us, that we get what we deserve? I want to know! Talk to me, talk to us, let us know! You must have something to say. We are humbly asking for you to stop! We are humbling asking for you to forgive us if we have trespass against you. We are humbling asking you to look at us for once, damn it, not as some animal that needs prison walls to be trained and removed from the light of society, but as human beings with the same blood running through our veins as you. We are one, are we not? Do we not stand upon the same ground as our ancestors? Do we not each weep a tear for our love ones? Do we not desire to see the new day horizon as the sun peeks into the sky? If our desires are the same then we must be able to find a common ground, right? We must be able to have a healthy conversation and at the end of the day and be able to hug one another. There has to be a good cop out there that will stand for justice and equality for all. If you are out there, which I know that you are, then speak up! We need you to speak up! We need you to stand with us and fight this fight! We can’t do it alone. We need one another. We need you!

“This war will not end, until we find a way to love one another!”-Matasha Lee


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