Monday, May 18, 2015

A helping hand-(The Stranger in the Night)

"When you are at the brink of destruction; at your most vulnerable and desperate hour and everyone has given-up on you, this is when the stranger appears. The st...ranger arrives when your heart is broken open, ready and believing. The stranger's eye is clear and not stained with your past mistakes. They are the ones who will leave you that hundred dollar tip or unexpectedly offer you a new opportunity. They are the ones who will stop and change your tire on the freeway, or give you a place to stay for a while. She is the one who compassionately looked you in the eye in the store when your abusive partner was yelling at you. Like an angel, he came in at the last moment and gave you the support or the advice you needed. They made the call to a friend and put themselves at risk to open an essential door for you because they saw something amazing in you. The stranger is the one who gave you something that was a much bigger personal sacrifice than you ever knew, because she did it with humility, grace, and with no expectation. The stranger is the one who believed in you when no one else would. The stranger uplifted you with words of hope and optimism when you were at your lowest. The stranger silently suffered to give you room to recover and to try again. The stranger meets you halfway on a bridge called faith. The stranger is coming to make someone's dreams come true. The stranger's hand is appearing out of nowhere and rescuing someone just before they slip over the edge. The stranger's appearance is in perfect time and is a miracle. The stranger could be a real life angel. Have faith and courage, and — BE THE STRANGER."
Bryant McGill via Facebook

So, today, I posted a post from Simply Reminders that spoke about the stranger. Now, I have had plenty of experiences with the stranger and being the stranger but God created a new experience today. I had needed some oil and I called people that I knew to help, but they couldn’t help me. (Which is okay, I’ve learned a long time ago to pay attention to who God will use. It isn’t always those you expect so you can never get upset with them because you may very well miss out on your blessing and lose a great relationship. God may not always use your income either. Sometimes, he just wants your faith as payment.)

Now, even though I know that God doesn’t always use my income, I still get down and out when I can’t do it myself. I put high expectations on myself, so when I can’t do it, I get down. I worry about things that I can’t change right now, but God. He has an amazing way of helping me see me in my ugly moments. He deals with my attitude, how I’m losing touch with what really matters, he just has this way of helping to get back to focusing on being the best me I can be. He doesn’t desire me to do anymore or any less than my full potential.

So, after my moment of feeling sad, God came in and had someone call me that was so random and ask me can I take them to the store. I informed her I would, but I don’t have any oil. She said she would get me that oil if I can get her to Walmart. I told her we are going to have to pray our way there, and move by faith. I picked her up, and prayed before I left. As soon as I got off the phone the song, “I surrender all,” came on (in my mind) and I started worshipping, and while I was at Walmart God was placing worship songs in my mind. It took everything in me not to just want to stop and worship right in Walmart, but God helped me to pay it forward, not once but three times, and I seen so many smiling faces. He sent me my stranger. He sent what I needed at that very moment.

God had no intentions of going into my wallet or black book to bless me. He wanted to go with the flow of my day and stand on faith. He brought me messages that I have on my wall to help me to stand, even though it seemed dark. Yeah, “I surrender all. I surrender all, all to thee my blessed Savior. I surrender all!”


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