Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beauty of my story through poetry: "Broken Shell"-Matasha Lee

Broken Shell by Matasha Lee


Though I’m visibly shattered

There is a part of me that is worth keeping, looking into,

I was birthed in the deepness of the ocean and live by its shores.

I listen to the waves of life as their ripple effect graces my body.

At night I look at the billions of stars and wonder where each one can take me.

Some days I tuck away in the sand while the storms of life passes by, but I am not afraid.

I like to listen to the thunder howl,

Watch the lightning strikes,

And feel the rain upon my shell.

I use to fear the unknown of the days when the air seemed quiet.

 I wasn’t use to it not speaking to me.

In its silence, I sleep, resting my head upon God’s blanket of earth,

Wondering when the earth will speak with me again.

It is lonely sometimes because I know that others don’t always view my shell as

Unique and many days I desire to run away and gather a new one,

But it is the child that comes and admires my beauty that lets me know there is no need to escape.

I remain strong in my faith,

And learn to embrace my differences and still enjoy the life that surrounds me and its wonders that are offered to me.

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