Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Beauty of my story: Poetry Edition, The Air I Breathe by Matasha Lee

The Air I Breathe by Matasha Lee


They formed in my womb, separately,

Each bringing their own gift of love and nourishment to my soul.

They fulfill me.

They empower me.

I don’t know why when they are away I can’t sleep, don’t want to eat,

And my day is long without them.

I’ve grown as a woman with them.

They helped me each step of the way.

It’s funny to grow up with two more of you,

They see you more as a sister than a mom.

We make mistakes together, we get through rough times together.

They are all of me, and I, of them.

Thank you Lord for bringing them into my life,

For forming what I needed to continue to be a better me,

And placing them inside of me to feel human life.

I went through much pain to birth new existence into the world,

You entrusted me with their beings!

You gave me four foot prints to help create a destiny.

Thank you for the air I breathe,

Thank you for our lives,

Mommy loves you, Amelia and Sean,

Mommy loves you for life.

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