Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Beauty of my story: Poetry Edition, Dark Roots by Matasha Lee

Dark Roots


I am buried underground,

It is cold and dark down here, but this is where I sprout.

I am not afraid here.

I feel connected here.

I know dirt is thrown on me

And no one can see my beauty,

But where would I be without the nurture that comes from the soil of the earth

I may not be what people desire, but I am what people need to help them grow,

I am the reason why the surface is as beautiful as it seems.

I go through the ringer so that something else, more appealing, can sprout from me.

I don’t always like to be in the dark hidden away from the marvelous light, hoping to see what would grow from me, what will become of me,

But as long as my part is played I release the worry deep down, until it fades away, and go back to absorbing the showers of rain that is provided.

In the storm, I am covered, as long as I’m underground, I’m okay.

I remain connected to stay alive and help build this beautiful landscape God painted with his hands and birth the blood of Mother Nature and all her wonders.

I am a part of a grand plan, and the human body feeds off what is produced by me.

My roots may be dark,

But where would this earth and life itself be without it.

I am just as important as the life that travels to see the light above and as long as I exist,

We can continue to change the world and the beauty of it.

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