Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beauty of my story through poetry: "Tear stained pillow"-Matasha Lee

Tear Stained Pillow by Matasha Lee


Curious child became a wayward teen,

A wanderer in the wilderness of life,

I said my prayers then I received a phone call

To lay next to him tonight,

I let my body roam free as he made his way inside of me.

He traveled to places that made me scream.

When he finished before I felt complete,

He left me there in Room 6B as he left to do what he needed to do.

He wasn’t ready to show me off to the world.

We crept when not even the road screeched with cars.

After a while of sitting on unclean sheets regret suck in,

What am I doing to me?

Why would I treat my heart this way for a room key and one night of pain

Knowing that he is my number 6,

And there is another one I will sleep with when the pain goes away.

I lay upon the pillow, with nothing but time passing by,

I realize my potential and all the dreams I’m leaving behind for one night stands,

And tears fall like rain,

Drowning my face until I began to cough,

It chokes my pride away,

And humility hits my stomach like a knife,

Slowly pressing its way through,

Sadness erupts my mind,

Heartache after heartache,

I promise myself it will not happen again,

But yet again,

I am introduced back to my tear stain pillow,

Let the rollercoaster begin,

Round and round it goes,

Where it stops,

No one knows.

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