Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Beauty of my story: Poetry Edition, Bookmark by Matasha Lee

Bookmark by Matasha Lee


I’ve studied the road to success

And it has led me down some long, bumpy roads

Patches of Holes to fill,

Damaging my exterior as I travel.

I have felt the ripping of my pages,

And the indecisiveness of where to start next

Through it all, it has began to complete me,

Transform me, in a way,

My story is developing into art work

For others to read,

To discover a new and better paved path

From my damaged beginnings

I’m still traveling down the road,

Stopping by different dreams and goals as I travel through

Experiencing the same stormy turmoil as I attempt to conquer

Adding another Bookmark to my life,

What will happen next is just a matter of time.



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