Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Painted Heart by Matasha Lee (poetry)

Painted Heart by Matasha Lee

Stroke after stroke

Let me take a look at you, 


Bright hues of red, and dashes of blue, pink lining, with enough sunshine orange, 
With a tint of yellow,


This once was an empty canvas, and I only had black and purple to paint with. 

Never had any brights colors to stroke across my canvas, 

No life upon the trees I painted, 

Only black crows screeching in the sky, 

Oh, their screeching was so loud, 

It guided my hand to paint a heart, 

I couldn't see that heart.

I couldn't see it till it was all said and done. 

It wore the stained colors of a bruised heart. 

I wished to just wash it all away.

Give me color, give me light, 

Change the colors in my life, 

Black and purple will no longer do.

I needed to see a different reflection.

I needed inspiration,

What can inspire me,

Four tiny little feet that cry mommy, 

Little bitty arms that hug me tight, 

Their little bitty heads upon my breast 

They have changed the direction of my dark days

Because of them my paint has changed

Awe, beautiful butterflies that fly high in the sky, 

Beautiful creatures walking by smiling at me, 

You lovely skies of blue and gray, how I welcome you. 

Sunny skies shine so bright, 

Rain I love to hear your sweet melody. 

Sing to me, oh sing, 

Trees of green 

Wind blow your trumpet. 

Life guide my very hands, 

This canvas is full of life today, 

No more dark, weary days.

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