Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dear Human by Matasha Lee (poetry) pt.2

Dear Human by Matasha Lee

In shattered pieces I still will form, 

There is no amount of pain that I cant endure, 

God built me strong, 

So, why do you weep and shed a tear, 

Don't you know that pain doesn't last always, 

Life gives you time to heal, 

Hold your head high through the dark clouds that seem to cover your head. 

You don't have to let the sorrows of life win again, 

I know you feel like you've hurt me too many times before and all you desire to do,

Is to runaway and hide but let me mend your heart. 

It isn't for you to protect me, 

It is for you to take a chance.

I know you're tired. 

You want to run far away, 

But don't give up now, 

Stay in the fight, 

Please endure to the end, 

And walk out gracefully 

Never let the what ifs of tomorrow stop you from loving again.

I'm here at every heartbreak

I'm here at every tear.

You will soon discover the place you need to be. 

You will soon shine again.

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