Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beauty of my story through poetry

I recently entered a poetry competition and I had to create ten pages of poetry to enter. I decided to stay on the road I am already developing with The Beauty of my story. I wrote poetry based off my life, so far, yes, you can read each poem leading up to my present day, now, how cool is that. I really put some time, effort, and consideration into it, and wanted it to be a collection of poetry that stood out, and continued to help tell my story. I hope you will enjoy it, and I will put my introduction, to it, on here.



The Beauty of My Story: poetry edition

These series of poems are a reflection of my life, starting with Mommy’s Doll is an opportunity to see what I went through at a very young age. As a kid, I was abused, sent away and I wrote this poem to just show how I felt then. As you continue reading you will go into the next chapter of my life with Mama Don’t Cry. My mom went through domestic violence and other issues like a nervous breakdown, and became mentally ill. The poem speaks to the pain I saw my mom experience. Each poem will give you a chance to take a really good look inside my life, and what I had to overcome. It ends with Bookmark because my story isn’t ending but beginning. You get to see me go from a child, to a teen, a mom to having a partnership, and also to the place where I am now. Puppet Master gives you a glimpse into when I was about to give myself away. I had no sense of direction, and was just operating through life like a puppet. Dark roots are a poem I wrote to express that dark place that helped me to become rooted in life again.   I had to go through some valleys that you will hear in I’m Tired, but I will rise up in Beauty in Ashes. I am already promoting The Beauty of my Story. I desired to stay within the same theme, well, road I am already on.


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