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The Whisper in the Wind by Matasha Lee pt.2

The Whisper in the Wind by Matasha Lee pt. 2
Alana attempts to prepare for a funeral. She tries to keep herself together, but she hears Peter’s words play over and over again within her mind. The funeral director asks her, “Do you have a packaged picked out?” Alana ignores, she is in the field where they lay and she is laying her head upon his chest, and humming a song in her mind. “Mam, will you like some time,” he asked? “Alana,” Mary says. “Alana, baby, you’re going to have to make a decision,” Joe says. “Hmm, no, you know I will always love you. Why do you speak of such things,” Alana says still miles away from where she sat. “Please, give her some time,” Mary asks? “Yes,” the director replies. “Alana, you have to pull yourself together,” Mary says. “Hmm, no, I just want to lay here. I don’t want to leave your side,” Alana replies, she is hypnotized and is no longer present at the appointment. “Alana, he’s gone! He’s not coming back,” Mary says in frustration! “Mary,” Joe says. “No, no, I will never leave you, Peter, no,” Alana begins to cry. “I can’t do this, Peter, where are you? You said you will never leave. You promised. Hmm, no, we will stay the entire night with one another, just you and I, at the oak tree. I have to get to the oak tree. Peter is going to meet me there,” Alana says frantically as she attempts to grab her keys and head out the facility. “Alana, no, you can’t drive under your conditions,” Joe says. “No, daddy, Peter told me to meet him at the oak tree. We are suppose to meet up. He probably thought I forgot. I have to go,” Alana says. “Joe,” Mary says as she looks at her daughter at the brink of insanity. “He said he will meet me there, now, let me have the keys, daddy,” Alana says getting upset. “Peter is gone, baby,” Mr. Waters explains. “No, he isn’t. He is at the oak tree. We were suppose to eat lunch with each other and swing on the tire swing. You know, daddy, the one you made for me. Now, let me go,” Alana says as she tries to push away. “I can’t do that, Lana,” he says. “Honey bee, please stop,” Mary says. “Mom, I am fine, now, will you guys please give me my KEYS,” Alana is now angry! “Do something, Joe,” Mary pleads! “Lana, calm down. Peter is gone. I know it hurts but you have got to let him go,” Joe says feeling his daughter’s pain, letting his tears flow, as he watches her lose all control. “No, daddy, no, he’s, he’s, Oh, God,” Alana breaks down! The appointment can’t be continued.

Time passes by and Alana has went back to teaching at her local school. She doesn’t want to leave Fox Lane because all the memories she gathered with the love of her life, Peter. She is also seven months pregnant. It is Peter’s that night of passionate led to an abundance of joy. It is a girl and she will be called Caroline after Peter’s grandmother. She stood at the chalk board helping the children with the word of the day which was apple. All the kids decided to supply her with as many apples her desk could hold. “Let’s spell the word out together, A P P L E, spells,” Alana asks her students? “Apple,” the students cheer back. “Good job, what color is an apple,” Alana asks? “Red,” the students say as they giggle. “Red is correct,” Alana says. She is Mrs. Lane, now, she went and got her name changed and secretly married her love by the ocean shore. She only took her small baby bump at the time, and willing priest. She knew the ceremony wasn’t legal, but she couldn’t bear to have Peter’s child without being his wife. She settled for the legal name change, and Lane she wore. Even her students, now, called her Mrs. Lane. Alana felt a kick during lessons. “Oh, she kicked me, let’s carry on, can you name other items that red,” Alana asked? “Fire trucks, Mrs. Lane, and my dad’s motorcycle,” Billy, the outspoken one, chose to speak. “You are right, Billy,” Alana says. While she is waiting to hear another person reply, the windows open wide, and the wind begins to whistle. “Hmm, I wonder how these doors opened,” she walks over to shut them when she hears a very small voice say, “I’m sorry.” “Oh, my, okay, pull yourself together, Alana, it is just the wind,” she makes sure the windows click, and she continues her teaching.

At night, as she and Caroline slept, her windows swung open bringing in a cool chill that traveled up Alana’s body. “It is so cold,” Alana says in her sleep. She feels the wind pull her blanket closer to her. She feels the coldness of the air upon her cheek. “I’m sorry,” the wind speaks. “What are you sorry for,” Alana says as she is not really awake? “For leaving you,” the wind whispers back. “Peter, is that you,” Alana asks? The wind takes form and Peter’s shape appears. He sits upon the bed. “Hi, my darling, sorry to disturb your sleep. Sleep well, I will speak with you in the morning,” Peter says as he watches her. “Don’t go,” Alana speaks in her sleep. “Lay with us,” she says. “With us,” Peter asks and then he looks down. “You’re pregnant. My love, you’re having my child,” he says with excitement. “Peter, why did you leave us? We need you,” Alana asks? “I know my darling. I do, apologize for hurting you; I didn’t want to leave you. I begged God to send me back in the wind that I may speak with you. I only could take form when you noticed me. You noticed me. I will not be able to remain long, but in the wind, I will be with you always,” Peter says. Alana drops a tear upon her pillow as Caroline moves around within her wound. Peter watches her belly move in many places as if Caroline was reaching for her daddy. “I bet she will beautiful, and I hope she has your eyes. My beautiful girls,” Peter says as he touches his daughter’s hand inside of her mommy’s belly. “Lay with me, Peter, stay here tonight,” Alana pleads. “I will want nothing more, but to stay here with you,” Peter replies. He lays next to her as his arms wrap around her body. He holds his loves in his arms, and stays with them until the morning comes.

Alana awakes the next day feeling warm inside. She looks to the right of her, and she sees no one. “Someone was here last night,” Alana says but before she knew it, she felt the wind go across her face. It felt like his gentle hand caressing her. “Peter, it is really you,” Alana says with excitement. “Good morning my love,” Peter whispers in the wind. Alana touches her belly. “Your daddy is here, Caroline, yes, he is. He is here with us,” Alana says with a smile. “I got you some breakfast. I hope you slept well,” Mary says entering Alana’s room. She decided to move back in with her parents until Caroline could walk, so they can help her throughout her pregnancy. “Thank you, mother,” Alana says. “Who got you full of smiles? I haven’t seen you smile like that, sense, well, what do I know? How’s my Caroline,” Mary ask? “She is kicking away, mother,” Alana replies.

Alana is in labor. The time has come and she has chosen not to have an epidural anesthesia. She wants to bring Caroline in naturally with a midwife. She has prepped for this moment, but the pain is unbearable and her mind is wondering where Peter is and why she couldn’t feel his presences. She had gotten use to feeling him lay next to her at night, and feel the wind stroke her face as she awakened, but today she felt nothing, and this was the day when she needed him most.  “On the count of three, I am going to need you to push with all your might, okay, just take deep breaths everything will be okay. One, two, three, push,” the midwife says. “Ugh, ahh, it hurts,” Alana says in pain. “Just breathe, honey bee, you got this,” Mary says as she rubs her daughter shoulders. “One, two, three, push,” midwife says again. “Ugh, ahh, I can’t. I can’t do this. I need Peter here,” Alana says. “Let’s not stress, focus, Alana, she is almost here. One, two, three, push,” the midwife explains. “Ugh, ahh,” Alana says as she pushes. “That’s it, keep pushing, I see her head, one last push, you got this, good job, Alana, good job, she is here,” the midwife cheers. Alana sits up and cries as she takes a deep breath, when she does, she feels the wind cross over her face. She sits up with delight and a sense of relief. “Thank you,” Alana whispers. Peter looks at her from a far and smiles. He goes over to look at his daughter and watches them clean her off. He sees Alana receive their child as she places her close to a warm breast, as her little one feeds upon her nipple for the first time. He watched her nurse her with much delight, and then he went away.

Caroline had grew to walk and Fox Lane was still called their home, but Alana was offered a better job closer to the city that she didn’t want to pass up. She desired to leave Fox Lane and pack her memories with her. As she packed her belongings, she let Caroline go outside to play. As she put some books into a box, she heard Caroline giggling really loud. She went to the window to see what she laughed at, and she saw the swing moving back and forth. She smiled at the sight. She knew Peter was outside playing with their daughter. Peter spotted Alana watching them have fun and went over to speak with her.

“She is really beautiful, Alana, and she is growing so much. Are you leaving,” Peter ask? “Yes, Peter, I’ve outgrown Fox Lane and I received a better job offer closer to the city. It will give me an opportunity to spread my wings and meet new people,” Alana replied. “Will you forget about me,” Peter ask? “Never, you will always have a place in my heart, always. I love you, Peter, and that will never change, but I can’t continue on here, and wish to prosper. I must move on with my life. You do understand,” Alana ask? Peter goes and hug Alana like he used too, and he placed her head on his chest. “Alana, tell Caroline about me. Don’t let her forget. I wish you the best and know that I am always the whisper in the wind. I am here for you always. I will be a breeze away,” Peter said. “I have to finish packing, Peter,” Alana went back to the boxes, and continued to pack their belongings. Peter stared at her and then disappeared. Alana felt him depart, and she began to cry as she came across an old photo of them together. She held it close and whispered, “I love you, more.”

All of their items were boxed and ready for the movers to load. Alana decided to take Caroline to the old oak tree where her dad and her use to meet. She hadn’t been there since before Peter and her were suppose to meet on the day he died. “Your daddy and I use to come to this tree and spend time with one another. He would push me on that tire swing right over there. Will you like to swing, Caroline,” Alana asked? “Yes, mommy,” Caroline replied. “Good,” Alana said as she pulled up to the tree. Alana stopped and Caroline ran over to the tire swing. “Daddy, daddy,” Caroline screamed. Peter stood waiting for her. He looked over to Alana, and said, “Thank you.” Alana smiled and said, “You’re welcome.” She let them play till the sun no longer shined.





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