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The Whisper in the Wind by Matasha Lee (Short story) pt. 1

(This story was meant to be written as a short story for a writing opportunity. It didn't happen that way. My plans is to expand the story, in due time. Enjoy!)
The Whisper in the Wind (Part 1) by Matasha Lee

“Do you love me,” Peter asked Alana, as they slept next to each other under the night sky filled with stars? It is always filled with stars. They live deep within the country where the wolves howl at night and the ocean sits in the back with the light house calling out to the passengers on sail boats and the captains on ships. She turns to look at him, leaning her chin on his shoulder, she looks him in his eyes, and replies, “Always, and don’t you ever forget it. Your name is written on my heart and it will never be replaced.” “Do you think you will ever love another,” Peter asked? “Not in a million years, don’t ask such things. I want only you, you understand. How could I possibly leave me within you? I would feel abandoned and cold. I would have restless, sleepless nights. I wouldn’t know how to pair my broken heart to another,” Alana replied. “I will never leave you. I will always be by your side. I love you, Alana,” Peter said as he gazed up into the sky. “Why do you speak such way? Why do you gaze when you say you love me,” Alana asked? “No reason,” Peter pulls Alana closer to him, and he long kisses her forehead, and she rests her head on his chest.

“It is such a beautiful night, isn’t it,” Peter said? “With you, always,” Alana replied. “The moon seems brighter tonight, and the hills seem wider. I can hear the waves upon the ocean bank. I can hear your heart beat speak to me so clearly,” Peter said with tears rushing down his face. “Peter, you’re scaring me, what is the matter,” Alana said frightened? “Nothing dear, I’m just awakened to my environment that is all,” Peter replied. “Why do you cry,” Alana asked? Peter pauses. His tongue can’t reach a word. He just pulls Alana even closer to him. “You remember the night we met at the dance over on Wood Meadows Drive at my friend, Noah’s place. His parents were away for the weekend, and he snuck to have some friends over. You were so beautiful that night in your sweetheart neckline dress; it was as blue as the sky. You were the only one in the room with that dress on. Your red, sun-kissed hair flowed down with a red tint lipstick upon your lips. Your face radiated with light. I was so afraid to speak with you, and I knew I had fell in love with you, right then. I remember walking by you and slipping you a note. It was my first letter I gave to you. I asked you, “Will you like to come and dance with me, under the moon. Meet me there.” I stood under the moon waiting for your light to meet it. I knew you guys would shine together. It was a full moon that night. We laid under his willow tree as its dew dripped upon our heads. You came to me and said, “My name is Alana, nice to meet you.” I said, “My name is Peter. I didn’t want to speak to you with everyone around and I saved you a dance out here. You look so beautiful. You are one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever met in my life.” “I stared at your big brown eyes as they twinkled in the night. You smiled at me. Your teeth were as white as the snow that falls in the December morning. I asked you would you like to sit with me. You replied, yes. We talked until everyone left his home and they forgotten we were there. So much so, that your friend became worried. Penelope and Noah went looking for us. It was one of the best nights of my life. I knew I loved you then, and I was going to do whatever it took to keep you always near to my heart, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” Peter said. “I remember that night as well. I saw you when I first entered but I didn’t want to speak with anyone. Penelope had convinced me to go, but I was too nervous to mingle. I really desired to find a quiet space to be alone until the night ended. Your note was my escape out of the crowd. It was as if you could hear my heart racing at the speed of light, and desired to offer me some comfort. I was very grateful for it. When I saw you standing under the moon you looked like heaven to me like God was smiling on me through you. I loved your smile. I still do. You were so gentle with your hands when you touched me and your cologne lit up my senses. I just wanted to be under you all night. When I received the pleasure too, I was so thrilled. Your kindness and gestures magnified my night. It was one of the best nights of my life as well. And, Penelope called my mom because she became so frightened. I didn’t even here my phone ring. I was so wrapped up in you, I just couldn’t escape the feeling,” Alana replied. “Peter, why do you weep, so,” Alana asked? “I never knew love could feel so good and life the same. I just want to lay hear with you, forever,” Peter said. “You have me forever. Don’t worry, I will not speak. I desire to listen to your heart rhythm too. Let’s lie here until we have decided that our night is complete,” Alana said. “Let’s pray,” Peter suggests. Alana agrees. “Father, God, thank you for your mercy and kindness, continue to cover your children with hope and love and shower us with your grace as we continue to show our gratitude in being the best servants of your Love that we can possibly be. Thank you for Alana, she means the world to me. You brought me my soul mate at an early age, so I can experience real love. Keep her safe if something was to ever happen to me. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen,” Peter said. Alana didn’t want to ask Peter again what was wrong. She knew he didn’t want her to worry, but she couldn’t help but to take notice of his behavior and the way he spoke. She wanted to know what troubled his heart, especially when he gazed off into the sky, but whatever it was, she needed to soak in the moment she had with him, now, before the roosters crowed, and the morning sun creeps behind its shadows. Alana climbed on top of Peter, as she sat upon his lamp, the wind began to whistle. Peter asked her what the matter was, she replied with no words, just a smile, and she leaned in to kiss him. He accepted her warm embrace and gently kissed her back until it became passionate, and they made love right under the light of the night, as lightning bugs danced around their camp sight.

In the morning, Alana slipped back on her floral pattern dress that zipped in the back. Peter awoke just to help her put on her garments. He was friendly with his hands and as gentle as a baby’s touch. When he first treated her in that way she didn’t know how to respond to it. She could put her own shoe on and it took her a while, but she could get the zipper up just right, barely reaching the top. She thrived on her independent spirit, and now she had a lover that was more than willing to lend a helping hand, it took her a while, but she eventually gave in, and let him, help her. She, now, stands in place, ready for him to zip her up, and help her place on each shoe, as he whispers to her, “You are so beautiful.” He loved seeing her natural beauty in the morning. She hated it because she couldn’t see what he saw. He loved the crust in her left eye, the white stain on the side of her face he even kissed her before Crest reached her teeth. He truly loved her when she thought she was beautiful and even when she didn’t. He wasn’t ashamed to let her know and the world, that she was his one and only. He didn’t dare look at another in her presences. She was the only one he saw. “Did you sleep well,” he asked her? “I did, and you,” she replied? “I did, but I hardly slept. I went to sleep when you closed your eyes, but then I awoke, and just stared at you sleeping. You seemed so at peace without a care in the world,” he replied. “It was because I laid next to you,” she said. He smiled. “Do you have to work today,” Peter asked? Alana was a school teacher, and she helped Miss Sally on the weekends, in the morning, in her garden. “Miss Sally went out of town. I am going to go and check on my mother and father, and see how they are. We can meet up, later, if you like,” Alana replied. “I will love too, by the oak tree. I can push you in the swing and we can eat lunch together,” he replied. “Your way of loving me is so romantic,” Alana said.

They departed from one another and Alana went to her mom and pops’ place to visit with them on a rainy morning. “It is cold out there,” Alana said shivering into the house. “You baking mom, it smells like fresh bread,” Alana asked. “Yes, honey bee,” Mrs. Waters said. Honey bee is a name her mom gave to her daughter from her dad. Mrs. Waters’ dad was a bee keeper, and she knew that if she ever had a daughter she was going to name her after the bubble bees that she saw and watched after as a child. “Have you eaten,” Mrs. Waters asked? “No, mom, I just came from being with Peter. We stayed together throughout the night. Mom, he is one of the best things that have ever happened to me,” Alana replies as she star gazes into a day dream. “He is a great guy too. I like how he treats you, and if he respects my daughter, he is alright with me. As long as he always keeps his hands to himself,” Mr. Waters chimes in. “He is gentle with me daddy, very gentle,” Alana replied. “Snap out of it, child. I should be hearing wedding bells soon, should I,” Mrs. Waters asked? “In due season, ma. You will be the first one to know,” Alana replied ignoring her mom. “I want me some grand babies. Your grapes going to turn into prunes after a while, and what will you be worth then,” Mrs. Waters said. Alana spits her water out at her mom’s statement, “Mom, he will love me still, rather my rivers flow or not, rather I feel little feet kick upon my belly or not, that man of mine will love me until my dying days,” Alana replied. “Is that so, Alana,” Mrs. Waters ask? “It is so, mother, and it will always be so,” Alana replies. Before Mrs. Waters could get another sentence out, Mr. Waters quieted her down, “Leave that child alone, Mary, let her wings grow first. She has to experience love for herself, just like you received the opportunity too.” “Oh, hush, Joe, I am just trying to look out for her,” Mary replies, frustrated. “You have done enough, ma, and I am grateful for what you have done,” Alana replied, but before she could get another word out, knocks ranged at the door. “Child, who is that beating on our door like a bat out of hell,” Mrs. Waters ask? “I will see, mother,” Alana replies. “Penelope, what is it,” Alana ask? She sees her friend shattered and tears are flowing down her face. “I’ve been trying to reach you, Lana,” Penelope replies. “What is it, what happen,” Alana asked in fear? “There has been an accident, Lana,” she replies. “With who, talk to me, Penelope,” Alana is now frustrated. “He’s gone, Lana,” Penelope says, she just can’t stop crying. “Who, Penelope, who,” Alana is now panicking. “Peter, he was struck by a car,” she replies. Penelope couldn’t say another word before Alana interrupted, “Well, I must go and see about him. Yeah, he will be okay. Right, right, he will be okay, right,” Alana asked while getting dressed with nothing to grab, placing on an invisible coat. “No, Lana, he is gone. He’s dead, Lana,” Penelope bursts with overwhelming sadness. Alana rocks back and forth, she tried to keep her cool, but, “Grab her,” Mary tells Joe. Alana falls to the ground, and begins to sob, uncontrollably. “No, daddy, no,” Alana weeps. “No, why,” she continues her sorrow. “Why, daddy,” Alana continues as her daddy holds her tight. He hates to see his baby girl so ruined. “Why,” Alana doesn’t want to grasp what is happening, but she feels her heart ripping down the middle, and the pain of knifes piercing at her skin. She felt part of her leave her body, and she no longer felt whole.
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