Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beauty of my story through poetry: "Puppet Master"-Matasha Lee


Puppet Master by Matasha Lee


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Step right up,

See the girl connected to strings,

Tell her to dance and she will do it,

Sing and she will sing,

What do you desire her to wear, she will change,

You don’t like the way she speaks,

She will speak differently,

She has no life of her own; her sense of direction is shot.


“Help me,” cries the voice of the girl,

While the crowd lets go of a huge roar,

She stares at their laughter,


It swarms around her mind,

She knows they have no interest in seeing her for who she really is.

You can’t see me, please see me, I need your help. I’ve been performing on a string for too long. (Puppet Master yanks the string, she flips and the crowd lets go of a cheer.)

Why can’t you see me? I don’t want to dance for you. I want to see the outdoors and run in the fields, pick up a flower and smell its fragrance. Please see me.”


What do you want to do to her, little girl?

“Can you hold the string?”

Sure you can

Her hands move up and down as the girl pulls on it.

Speak, the little girl requests.

“Hello,” she cries tears that fall to the dirt pavement not an ear catch the sound.

The little girl pulls the string and she flops to the ground.

What is your name?

“My puppet master calls me, Hopeless.”

Hopeless that is a weird name.

Why do you desire to be on a string?

“The string is all I know. I’ve lost myself; can you help me find me?

Where did you lose yourself?

“I don’t know.”

The puppet begins to cry some more.

The crowd, now, witnesses her tears.

The arena is quiet and the puppet master isn’t happy.

What are you doing?

Pull on her, make her dance, make her sing, she obeys,

She doesn’t speak.

She want defend herself, no need to be afraid.

Oh, come on, pull the string

The puppet remains in an helpless position as the puppet master encourages the little girl to pull her strings to entertain the crowd.

The little girl looks at the crowd and then, looks back at her.

She, too, begins to cry.

She walks away and the puppet falls completely.

The puppet master attempts to make the puppet entertain but the show is no longer appealing, many exit the arena.


The puppet master is angry.

Silly girl, can’t you see, you’re no one,

You’re make believe,

They can’t see you,

Please believe,

You will never escape my strings,

I care for you,

Don’t you see,

I’m the one who provides all you needs.

They walk away because you don’t entertain,

And if you don’t dance,

We don’t eat.

Don’t you understand?


Measly puppet,

What are you good for,

The crowd is now gone.

Stay here, you’re no good to me.

I will go home.


The puppet obeys,

What else is she to do,

Than to lay down without a say,

She feels her eyes fill again with salty tears upon her face.

She tries to stand, but only falls, until,

The little girl returns.

I have found you.

Don’t worry,

You will be back to you in no time.

The little girl cuts the strings.

She helps the puppet to stand.

The puppet learns to walk

She begins to smile,

She sees the light upon her face.

I can feel again, thank you.

The little girl replies, “You’ve been there all along.

Now, lift your head and carry on.

Do not be afraid.”

The puppet walks to leave the arena,

She stops to turn to say,

What shall my name be called,

She replies,

I name you, Hope, today.

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