Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Beauty of my story: Poetry Edition, I'm Tired by Matasha Lee

I’m Tired by Matasha Lee


My title speaks for itself,

I’m tired.

I hardly speak of where I’ve come from, but when I do,

It is only to help someone else understand why I want to lay my head down,

Why tears out of nowhere begins to run down my face,

Why, I constantly feel like giving up,

Or, just want to lie in the bed until I feel like smiling again.

I put years into my dream and I push until my dreams are accomplished, but

The wear and tear from it, gets to me, so much so that I just want to be left alone until I feel better,

But two kids, boy and girl, Amelia and Sean, mama binky and noony, there is no way that I can slow down,

So, I secretly cry, hoping that someone would wipe away my tear and the pain would somehow,

Pass away,

But I find my own hand doing the wiping.

My arms hug me tight.

I pass the words along that I am tired, but do the passing ears, hear me?

Can they spare their space of time, so we can dine on the words of inspiration that fuels my fire to keep going?

I know under a small rock, God has hidden just enough courage, along the way, to help me keep pushing till I reach my destiny,

Until I hear, well done, again,

And I cry and sing the song, “How I got over,”

And I’m back in bed saying, I’m tired.


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