Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Heart Stitiching by Matasha Lee (poetry)

Heart stitching by Matasha Lee

Where is the needle and the thread

My hands shake at the sight

Find me my sewing machine,

My tears are shedding away

Pick up the pieces that are left

Don't look down 

My heart is on the floor, 

Be careful,

Don't step on it, 

I'm use to this, 

I've repaired it before, 

So, just give me what I need

Oh, heart look at you, 

It is hard to see the lining of the glass of my fragile heart,

Do you think it can be repaired? 

I'm quite sure, 

But my watery eyes is making it hard for me to see past sticking the needle in and guiding it to repair it.

Wait, I must stop, I can't do this,

My body is quivering, 

I'm becoming so cold, 

I'm frozen by the sight, 

Do you think I sewed enough for it to beat again.

I just need to hear it beat again, 

Hello, can you hear me?

Everyone is frozen around me, 

They have nothing to say, 

They see my heart is aching, 

They have turned away, 

Don't leave me, now, I need you, 

Help me take this pain away,

For what am I to do, 

If my hands shake when I begin to stitch, 

My eyes water when I begin to guide, 

My body quivers when I start to try.

Oh, God, why?

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