Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beauty of my story through poetry: "Mama don't cry"- Matasha Lee

Mama don’t cry by Matasha Lee

I hear you weep and you have told me plenty of times that you just want to run away from it all, but you stand strong.

You endure the pain of a broken man just to see your family stay together,

While you allow the tears to drip in the car where you hide away to have a moment to yourself.

You still try to smile without a cracked face.

You still desire to help others even when no one is there to wipe your face.

And through the bitterness you try to remain,

Accepting the apologies because your children beg you to stay,

All awhile, inside, you’re hoping that the pain would just go away,

And hoping that one day the man you loved would come back and stay.

I’ve seen you driven to the point of insanity,

But even then, they couldn’t keep you down.

They tried to write you off,

But look at you now,

From the ashes of your tormented days

You’ve chosen to rise up and say,

No, I will not be defeated today.

Your bravery is worth admiring.

Your strength is worth showing to generations to come

That no matter what the world puts on you,

You can overcome.

Don’t be defeated by yesterday,

Move on into your today,


Mama don’t cry,

You are one of the bless ones that made it through.

You overcame your dark days,

And now, are released into the new.


Die Young by Matasha Lee


I want to die young while living free,

So many can remember my name,

Bury me in the ocean,

Let my ashes float at sea as I drift into the unknown.

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay;

I’m here to just dance the night away,

Night after night a different man,

In the bed I will lay,

Waking up to alcohol,

Sleeping till no roosters crow,

Only waking to the shine of the stars;

“Let’s do it all over again,” my motto for life,

Free spirited, unchained, and untamed.

I run like wild horses escaping problems I have to face,

Never bothered by the world,

My brother or sister,

My fellow man or foe,

I’m here to live for me and me alone, so, let me

Oh, let me, die young.


Death is knocking at my door,

I scream I am ready,

It creeps in to take my soul,

But something stands in the way and blocks it,

Let me die, I scream, this is the end of my road.

Love steps in and tells me no, shows death the door.

I kick and scream for love just doesn’t understand.

I want to die, let me die.

I am ready to die, to pass away, to write my goodbyes upon my grave, to end it all,

But love ignores, wraps me up and tells me so,

There is something waiting for you out in the world,

For you must discover your purpose in life.

You are meant to be here to change many lives,

That girl that sits alone at night ready to die as young as you,

Your story will turn her around,

She will not be blue,

That young boy with no hope at all,

You will come to his rescue,

He will want to live and dance again because of you.


I want to live young all my days,

My dark days has changed me,

I, once, wanted to die with no sense of direction

And let my gifts be buried with me, but

Love said, no, swept through and changed me so,

I desire to write one of my last novels at 80 in a cottage

With a garden planted by my hands,

Still living wild and free

Until the heavens open up for me.

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