Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Prisoner of my own Mind

A Prisoner of my own Mind.
I sat and wonder, but my thoughts run away.
I chase them, but I see them destroying my brain.
I wonder how I got here.
Why did my thoughts commit this crime?
Now, I'm trying to remember back, but that part of my brain is gone.
So, I try to think ahead, but my thoughts catch me.
I try to run, but I can't hide.
Tears fall down my face because my soul is testifying.
My heart is trying to tell the crowd, I have been wrongly trialed, but no one is listening to my heart beat.
I scream behind the prison of my mind, "Let me out! I've done nothing wrong," but my headache silent my mouth.
I drift into a comma from all the screaming and the beating, only to awake to the enemy and his taunting crowd: "You have no place in this world.
Your life is nothing but sorrow.
No one accepts you.
No one cares.
Your mind has no control.
Look at your thoughts even they kill you, slowly melting your strength away.
No one listens to your heart because it is full of hate
And, when your soul shed tears they think you cry wolf.
But, I have a solution to all your pain.
I can set your mind free from the torture;"
But, before I can give into the thought,
I hear a small voice whisper to me,
but yet I can't hear a thing.
The enemy has taken over and has shut my ears.
I cry out to the voice, "Save me,"
But yet, I don't hear anything, but the fears rambling through my brain.
Suddenly, I feel my eyes open,
Oh, these tears have to be real.
A mighty rush comes over me.
My heart begins to beat.
Love has taken control of me, and my body doesn't know what to do.
I ask, who are you?
My mind escapes and my thoughts are arrested casted into the pits of fire.
"My name is Love," the small voice replied.
I have seen your pain on display.
I've come to save your soul and heart.
Don't worry, someone already has paid the price.
He heard your cry and disturbing plea.
He said you don't have to worry anymore.
For I will save you, and love you like you've never been loved before.
You have been set free.
Written by: Matasha Lee

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