Friday, March 13, 2015

Expressions of Thoughts by Matasha Lee (poetry)

Thinking of the moment I met you,

How your face look like a glow stick that never went out.

Your teeth looked like pearls.

Your eyes like diamonds.

Your skin looked like God took caramel,

And made you specially fine.

You had the perfect figure,

And the perfect soul,

I continued to think,

And remembered how you walked out the door,

And, how I looked,

I had the devil's horns,

Eyes like fire,

Tears like a waterfall,

And a face of a fool,

I continued to think,

And remembered how I shouted and screamed,

Body felt like boiling water,

Skin melting from the fire,

I remembered how you looked,

like someone took your heart,

And tore it in two,

Took your face and created a storm.

I thought on and remembered how,

We turned back to one,

And there was no description for that.

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